The Science of HairLab Fibres

The Scientific Study Behind Our Thicker Hair Fibres

Our hair thickening fibres are very easy to apply but the study behind the electrostatic charges, which bind the fibres to hair, is a very complex one.  Overly statically charged fibres can make the hair appear frizzy. Our outstanding results focus on getting just the right charge for the dispensing of the fibres – allowing for a lasting, natural look.

We Think This Is Geeky But Interesting

Have you heard of the Triboelectric Effect or Triboelectric charging? It's all about when different materials come into contact with one another – one material becomes positively charged and the other negatively charged. Do you remember trying to rub a balloon on your head in the science class and your hair sticks up? The different materials (such as hair) cause static electricity when they separate – causing a static clinging effect. It's all about the actual strength and polarity of the charge created.

We've discovered through this research that different fragments of hair can be both negative and positive. This means that similarly fibres can be either negative or positive in order to bind with the hair. Using this theory we've created fibres that focus on the strength of the charge to give the perfect static balance when applied to your hair.

Why HairLab Fibres Bind So Well To Hair

Our fibres are made of organic keratin. We've spent time in sourcing the right compound of wool and keratin to match human hair in order to obtain the correct blend for our fibres. This blend combined with the strong static charge gives HairLab Fibres a superior binding effect when applied to hair. Our fibres don't make your hair frizz, and blend perfectly with your natural head of hair - they're virtually undetectable.

Why Our Fibres Provide Superior Thickness

The performance of our fibres is extremely important to us. Quite often fibres can simply just fall flat on to the head and not stick to your existing hair. With HairLab fibres the correct charge strength creates a resistance that enables the fibres to fall on to your hair with a branched effect giving a much thicker look. This strong charge in our fibres also gives a more secure bind to your hair enabling a long lasting effect as you go about your day.

HairLab fibres diagram

Why HairLab Uses Organic Keratin In Their Hair Fibre Technology

The use of other materials such as silk, cotton or nylon just doesn't give a natural look. Your hair is made from keratin, so that's what we've chosen. This is to ensure that your hair not only looks right but will also feel right when applied - our fibres look like real hair.

Colour Fibres Technology

Getting the right colour match and blend using quality dyes is very important to us. Our fibres don't run  - you can wear them in the rain or when you're training and sweating in the gym. Our unique colour blend and locking mist allows you to wear HairLab Fibres with real confidence.