HairLab Vision

Throughout the course of history attitudes towards thinning hair have been overwhelmingly negative. Men get a lot of stick if they dare to take care of themselves beyond brushing their teeth or using a deodorant - at HairLab we want to change all that.

The HairLab man is a new age man - he wants to take pride in his appearance. He wants to boast about his fuller head of hair. He’s upping his hair game and taking his look to a new confidence level.

HairLab Fibres are the new miracle product men have been waiting for. The fibre technology gives thicker hair instantly - we’re a game changer in today’s grooming market.

Our vision is to create innovative and tailor-made products for all hair care needs. We're passionate about offering a new experience in grooming by incorporating hair fibres into everyday life.

We've rewound the clock and given hair a youth boost. Our hair fibres are effortless and re-ignite hair confidence.

A natural product, the fibres are made from organic Keratin and are statically charged - binding to even the finest of hair and covering thinning areas instantly. Our fibres give incredible natural results and resist both wind and rain.

We’re TV and film’s best kept secret…shhhhh!