Interview - Top UK Hair Stylist Gillian Cleminson

We recently interviewed top UK hair stylist Gillian Cleminson. Gillian is well known for her stunning pin-up hair styles for brides across the Scottish wedding scene but she's also gained a reputation for her love of our HairLab fibres and what they can do for grooms-to-be on their special day. Have a read:

Gillian said: "HairLab Fibres instantly conceal thinning areas and add volume to existing hair - they really do work miracles. I am constantly telling my clients about them and once they've tried them they're hooked.

"I've tried the fibres out on male and female clients, and they've gone down a storm with both. I haven't had any complaints at all. It really has changed the life of one of my female clients. Her hair was thinning and she was embarrassed to go out - now that's all changed.

"There's a gent who's hair I style regularly, he says it has made him much more confident. He wears them to work and people have told him how different he looks - he's recommending them to all his friends.

"I style for a lot of weddings and it's usually all about the bride but I love to focus on the grooms and recommending HairLab Fibres has been an instant success. I find the gents are keen to continue using fibres even after their big day - they just love them.

"If a hair stylist hasn't got fibres in their tool kit then I'd be asking them why not. Fibres have been a secret for such a long time and people don't realise the celebrities are using them. I won't be without my HairLab Fibres."

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