What are HairLab Fibres?

The fibres we use here at HairLab are specially selected to retain their static properties. They are made of keratin - a protein that forms the main structural component of hair.

These unique keratin hair fibres are organic and bind to your hair with a static charge. Our unique process ensures that they cling to your existing hair providing a long lasting hold and natural look.

These 100% organic fibres have been selected as a result of extensive research due to their performance and durability. The natural looking colour-matched options that we offer and the strong static bond that the fibers retain are down to our unique manufacturing process.

A lot of fibres already on the market are cheaply sourced and aren't 100% organic. They're made from cheap artificial fillers and don’t look natural. They don’t hold the same as HairLab fibres do with a static charge and they end up falling out - requiring frequent application and costing you more money.

We spoke to a few of our regular customers - here’s what they have to say about our product:


“I have thinning hair on my crown and tend to use my fibres on a daily basis. No one ever notices I’m wearing them. I have started to tell friends about them so the secret is out and now they’re buying them too. The HairLab fibres bond really well with my existing hair and it looks really natural.”

Brian M, Manchester


“I have alopecia and have been looking for a non-expensive solution to cover up the patches I have. I never knew that hair fibres existed or how they work. They really are fantastic and I’ve started using them everyday. They’re really easy to apply - you just shake them on and they stay on your head and cling to your hair. I cannot believe I’ve only just discovered them.”

Claire S, Newcastle


“I use a lot of products on my hair. I love grooming products and I’m always trying to style my hair to cover up the thinning areas. I’ve been losing my hair for quite a few years and looking for some sort of solution. Hair fibres have really changed my life. I feel so much better about my hair. You can’t see them at all - they’re amazing!”

Scott D, Edinburgh

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